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Condom Campaign Encourages Users to Share Where They Did It

In today’s digital age, you’re likely to share a lot about your personal life online already. Now, you can also “check in” when you have sex!

The Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGNW) established a program that allows you to share with the world when and while you’re practicing safe sex. The PPGNW, in observation of National Condom Week, distributed 55,000 condoms with QR codes on them. QR are scannable barcodes that take you to the (WDYWI), where you can report your protected sex sessions’ location. 

PPGNW says “it’s like Foursquare for people who don’t want a sexually transmitted infection.” The Where Did You Wear IT site has an interactive map that pinpoints your exact location of where you did it. It does not share any of your personal information either. The website is searchable by gender, orientation, age, location, relationship status, the reason for using condoms, and the quality of the sex.

The campaign has taken off. People from 48 states and 6 continents have reported where they did it. You don’t have to have a QR condom to participate. You can check in directly without a QR specific condom too.

The goal of Where Did You Wear It is clear. It is to promote safe sex and to universalize condom use into common and preferred behavior. According to PPGNW’s media coordinator, “we hope the site promotes discussions within relationships about condoms and helps to remove perceived stigmas that some people may have about condom use.”

Data also suggests that many people do n’t know how to use a condom correcty A Sexual Health journal study released last month found many user errors. The PPGNW campaign looks to spread more information to its user to encourage safe sex behviors. PPGNW is targeting college aged students and millennials who are comfortable with social media and who are proud to share they wore protection.

ONE Condoms supports initiatives that spread safe sex messages and encourage people to make healthy and safe choices when it comes to their sexual health. ONE Condoms want to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and safer sex as second nature as wearing a seat belt. A portion of every ONE Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Are you willing to share where you practiced safe sex with the world and spread the safe sex message?

Friday Links Roundup 2/23/12 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education
Controversial Condom Campaign to Deliver Free Condoms to Teens

A new federally funded program is delivering free condoms to teenagers in many California counties. The orders are taken online and delivered straight to the teens’ homes in a nondescript envelope.

This free mail-order condom program is supported by the California Department of Public Health and was launched by the non-profit California Family Health Council (CFHC). The initiative, available through, provides 12-19 year olds a place to order free condoms online and find locations where they can pick up free condoms from sexual health clinics across the state.

This program is targeting California counties where the number of STD cases are on the rise. Any teen in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Alameda, and Kern counties can receive free condoms through the program.

According to CFHC’s vice president of public affairs, Amy Moy, “We can’t keep our heads in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem. Research shows barriers such as embarrassment or concerns around confidentiality or affordability,” limit teens from buying condoms.

Some parents aren’t thrilled with the plan however which sends a package of condoms, lubricant and an educational pamphlet to teens. Some parents argue it encourages the 12-19 year old demographic to engage in intercourse. Repeated studies have shown just by providing teenagers with access to birth control and sex education does not encourage this behavior.

Since its launch on February 14th, over 550 order have been placed online. 

ONE® Condoms is a supporter of comprehensive sex education and positive sex behaviors. ONE® Condoms aims for universal condom use and safe sex practices. A portion of every ONE® Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Do you think that it’s a good idea to provide free mail-order condoms to teenagers? 

Weekly Links Roundup 2/16/12 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education


It’s Friday and that means it’s time for our ONE® Condoms weekly links roundup. ONE® is here to keep you in the know and up to date with all news relating to condoms, safe sex, and sex education. 

During this #nationalcondomweek, how will you be spreading the safe sex message? Will you be sharing where you wore it during your last sexual experience?

Please submit additional links we might have missed regarding sex and relationships.


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Happy National Condom Day and Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and more importantly happy National Condom Day! National Condom Day comes at an ideal time to encourage condom use when love and passion is in the air. National Condom Day serves to remind people of the risks associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancies and to take necessary precautions by practicing safe sex. By taking responsibility of your sexual health and using a condom every time during sex, you will keep yourself protected from unwanted and harmful diseases.

National Condom Day and National Condom Week aim to make the conversation of condom use more comfortable for people to talk about and address the misinformation associated with condom use. ONE Condoms aims to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and safer sex as second nature as wearing a seatbelt.

A Planned Parenthood in the Northwest has just launch a new website called “" for Condom Week. This site offers condom users a chance to share their location of the most recent sexual encounters, the reason they used condoms, and how good the sex was. The location is not saved or shared with anyone publicly. 

And there’s a lot of sharing to be done on this National Condom Day. It is reported that approximately 87 condoms are used every second in America on Valentine’s Day.

ONE Condoms aims for the universal practice of condom use and for everyone to engage in safe sex behaviors. A portion of every ONE Condoms sales goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Would you share your secret location and tell the site why you used a condom? Also, how do you plan on staying safe this national condom day / valentine’s day?


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Randi Zuckerberg Takes on AIDS with Social Media


Your social media feeds are most likely filled with messages about #superbowl, #tombrady, or #justinbieber, but soon it might be filled with messages about AIDS in Africa.

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s former director of marketing, recently launched a new “social media syndicate” intended to push out important messages to raise social issue awareness. She plans on coordinating with the “1,000 most influential individual publishers” to start caring more about social issues to solve world problems, Zukerberg said. R to Z Media’s goal is to “help provide a structure for passionate social changers to unite them.” 

The company’s first mission is to end the fight of mother-to-child AIDS transmission by 2015. This goal aligns with many other organizations who are also committed to making this goal a reality. With over 400,000 babies are born with AIDS every year, this seems to be a lofty goal. However, UN experts say this is possible if governments (mostly in Africa, businesses, and non-governmental organizations work on prevention and distribution.

R to Z aims to leverage influential social media users to focus on the same issue at the same time. Zuckerberg states that when “you have a lot of different people who stand for different causes, but not in a unified manner,” this weakens the impact of the messages.

By following these influencers’ messages, it puts pressure on people to act on certain causes. The company will ultimately serve as a way to raise funds for awareness to certain causes. Take the recent SOPA anti-piracy bill put into effect. User generated social media outcry was a unified example of coordinated messaging from millions of people that had great impact. The tweets you send can help make it feel as if you’ve participated in making social change happen. However, just by tweeting and facebooking, this will not ultimately solve all of the world’s problems. It’s necessary to take physical action as well.

ONE® Condoms encourages making a difference in your community by spreading the universal practice of safe sex message. ONE® is also committed to eliminating the AIDS virus. A portion of every ONE® Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Would you help spread the message of certain unified causes to make a more drastic impact?

Love’s Impact on Your Health


Valentine’s day just around the corner. But before you consider it a Hallmark Holiday, consider some real science behind these feelings of love and romance.

U.S. researchers have conducted many small studies recently presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology investigating love. One study from Florida State University found that love brings out the competitive side in people. The stronger the feelings of romantic love in a partnership, the more likely someone is to engage in aggressive behavior towards his partner’s suitor. 

Contrary to popular belief, according to an MIT research examining the first “I love you” in a relationship, women are not the first to confess love in a relationship. It’s been found that men confess love first more often than women do. Saying “I love you” makes the man feel happiest if the confession occurs before the couple has sex and it makes the woman happiest when the confession happens after sex. 

In another study, 34 couples who tested for stress levels before a 7 day separation and after the separation. Couples that were physically separated had higher levels of cortisol (a high stress hormone) and had worse sleep than when the couple was together. “The more one’s partner was likely to fall asleep after sex, the stronger the desire for bonding,” according to sexual health researcher Daniel Kruger. It is a sign that you and your partner have a strong and meaningful relationship.

Being in a deep intimate relationship has also been shown to increase life span. This research helps solidify that romantic ties are beneficial for our longterm health.

ONE Condoms supports healthy relationships that practice safe and responsible decision making including safe sex. This Valentine’s season, ONE® Condoms urges everyone to make informed sexual health decisions to prevent the spread of harmful diseases.

Do you personally believe that an intimate relationship helps your overall health and wellness? Also, who said “I love you” first in one of your relationships?

Weekly Links Roundup 2/3/12 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education
Weekly Links Roundup 1/26/12 - Safe Sex, Condoms, Sex Education

Happy Friday ONE condom enthusiasts! Today we’re here to cover safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms in the news. Our goal is to keep you up to date on anything sex related this past week. Be sure to check out the articles on the fantastic groundbreaking law requiring condom use in porn!

Safe Sex

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Landmark condom law for porn filming signed by LA mayor

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Ad Campaign Fights Dispensing Condoms In School: Board Votes Tonight

National Condom Week is Feb. 14-21

Rates of Condom and Non-Condom-Based Anal Intercourse Practices

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Sex Education

Good sex education is not about preaching abstinence

Controversial sex-ed game featuring Sperminator gets new version

New sex education guidance ‘startling,’ HASD super says

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Santorum fumbles the sex-education football

Single-sex public education: Let the experiment continue?

The Swedish Erotica Collection: Alienation, Education and Morality

Do you have any links that weren’t included here that you could share with us from the past week?