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Latest Teenager Trend - Multi-Person Sex ?

A recent Boston University Study has found 1 in 13 teenage girls have reported engaging a multi-person sex experience. Many respondents to the survey felt pressured into initiating a multi-person sex experience by the influence of boyfriends who have been watching pornography.

The average age of girls partaking in multi-person sex was just 15.6 years old, under the age of legal consent in all U.S. states (the most common being 16 years old). Disturbingly, nearly 50% of those who had multi-person sex reported their partners not using condoms. 

This raises serious concerns over the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and education efforts to encourage informed sexual health decision making among teenagers. There is clearly a major influence of pornography on teenagers. Out of those who engaged in multi-person sex, 50% did things their partners say in porn first.  

Porn seems to be influencing the sexual behavior of these teens. As we said in last weeks post entitled "Porn to Replace Sex Education? A Call for Mandatory Condom Use", sex positive behavior in porn is a must. A problem certainly exists since some youth think “Growing up, watching porn – that’s sort of where you get your grasp of what’s normal and what’s not.” Teenagers deserve quality sex education to encourage healthy and well informed decision making. 

ONE® Condoms urges everyone to make informed sexual health decisions to prevent the spread of harmful diseases. We donate a portion of all profits to AIDS/HIV education both domestically & abroad. Keep yourself protected with ONE® Condoms.

Friday 8/26/11 Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education
Safe Sex and Condom Use Linked With Teen Masturbation

Believe it or not ONE Condom buffs, in a recent study, teen masturbation seems to have a direct impact on engaging in safe sex practices. The Journal of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, when studying 820 teens from the ages of 14 to 17 found that 75% of teenage boys have masturbated at least once in their lifetime opposed to 48% of females. Older participants are reported masturbating more than younger (53% of 14 year-olds compared with 69% of 17 year-olds).

The most shocking fact out of this study is that 86% of boys who said they masturbated in the past year had also used a condom the last time they had sex. Whereas only 44% of those who didn’t masturbate said they used a condom. This shows a strong correlation of those who masturbate and their likeliness of engaging in safe sex practices.

This doesn’t mean that masturbation automatically determines safe sex practices however. Despite the sample size being small, a link between the two behaviors has come to light and cannot be ignored.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, masturbation among children and teens is a normal part of growing up and learning about one’s body. More focus groups and research are currently in effect to determine more data on masturbation’s effect on safe sex practices.

What do you think? Is masturbation a healthy sex practice and do you find it associated with sexual self-awareness and overall safe sexual behavior? Tell us what you think. ONE is extremely interested in hearing from you on this topic so don’t shy away from your opinions!