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Friday Links Roundup 12/16/11 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education
Weekly Links Roundup 12/9/11 - Safe Sex, Condoms, Sex Education

Fridays mean it’s time for our weekly post on safe sex, condoms, and sex education. At ONE® Condoms we’re here to bring you up to speed with the latest in the sexual health world to keep you healthy and safe. Stay protected this holiday season with ONE® Condoms.


Safe Sex

Talking to your teen about sexually transmitted infections

Call her the ‘Safe Sex’ Easter Bunny!

More Sex is Safe Sex – The High School Edition Part II

Removal of condom dispensers in ASU dorms leads to debate over safe-sex promotion

Kelly Rowland promotes safe sex initiative

No Author is Safe from the Bad Sex Prize

It’s World Aids Day and Bollywood is Asking You to Practice Safe Sex!

A Campaign Inspiring People For Safe Sex During Christmas Season

Teen Sex Is Bad For The Brain… If You’re A Hamster

Stockholm County Aids Prevention Programme


World AIDS Day 2011: 100000 Condoms for South African Clinics

US: No to over-the-counter morning-after pill

World AIDS Day 2011: One Catholic’s Musings on Hope

iCondom - Staying Alive

Costco - ONE® Condoms Tantric Pleasures

AIDS group seeks Los Angeles referendum on porn star condom use

Martha Stewart on condoms, size

To Mark World AIDS Day, the British Government Pledges 5 Million Pounds

Sex Education

Sex Education Just Might Save Lives, So Why Aren’t More Kids Getting It?

Sweating a Sex Education Class for Fathers and Sons

New book addresses sex education, relationships for people with autism

Researchers Find that Abstinence-Only Sex Education Causes More Pregnancies

World’s First Sex School to Teach Practical Lust Lessons

S.Africa ponders sex education for 10-year-olds


Condom Ads of the World

Check out these ads from Germany. Their message was “use a condom, and be sure you’re not bringing the next Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler or Mao Zedong into the world.” Although the hairdo’s are enough to scare the living daylights out of you, we got a kick out of them. ONE Condoms believes in desired pregnancies, safe sex and the prevention of terrorism, of course. 


ONE Condoms believes in a future where practicing safe sex is considered universal behavior and as normal as using toothpaste. ONE Condoms donates a portion of every sale to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Friday Links Roundup 11/4/11 - Safe Sex, Sex Education, Condoms
Friday 9/9/11 - Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education

Happy Friday ONE condom admirers! At ONE, our goal is to keep you up to date on anything sex related this past week.  The following is a list of current events and news regarding safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms.

Here are some up to the minute stories to help keep you protected for the week of Sept. 5th and into the weekend. Stay tuned in every friday for more of the latest in sexual health news with ONE condoms.

Safe Sex

Viagra condom for longer erection, safe sex

Adult film industry must mandate safe sex

Op-Ed: The ugly truth about condoms and ‘safe sex’

Staff Editorial: Coming male birth control no substitute for safe sex life

Gay men can give blood later this year

Safe homes are Solano County’s goal

Schools adjust sexual assault policies for new federal guidelines

Parents’ role when teen starts dating

Sex abuse survivor speaks out against keeping secrets

100 Years Of Sex: San Francisco City Clinic Celebrates Safe Sex …


At Art Hop fashion show, jewelry has makes a statement

Porn industry blasts condom campaign

Porn’s New HIV Problem

Cost in abortion case ‘could pay for quarter of a million condoms’

Protecting Adolescent Girls from Unwanted Unprotected Sex

From Condoms to the Pill: Trust, Control and Violence

B Holding Group Teams Up With Greater Than AIDS for First Annual HBCU

Sex and chocolate: Utah kids know a lot about one, not the other

Sex Education

Sex Ed and More in the Sperm Donor Age

Stripper-Porn Star Allowed to Teach Sex Ed Again

China Sex Ed Dolls: Kindergarten Class Uses Realistic Dolls To Teach Sexual …

Parents to review faults in abstinence-only Austin LifeGuard sex ed program …

Rick Perry and educated sex

Friday 8/26/11 Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education
Friday 8/19/11 Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education


Good Afternoon condom connoisseurs. Today is Friday and that means it’s time for your weekly links roundup from ONE Condoms. ONE is here to keep you in the know with  with anything related to sex education, condom use, and safe sex. The following links are the most recent events in the news regarding these topics. Be sure to be safe this weekend and don’t forget to keep yourself protected by using ONE.

Safe Sex

Safe sex ad stars become parents

ACLU Lawsuit Moves to Keep Sex Offenders in House Near New Day Care Center

Examining the use of the ‘ABC safe sex’ campaign in Botswana

Pharmacy reports summer surge in visits to sexual health clinics

Cumbria sex crime victims go out of county for care

Sex FAQs: Fact or fiction?

College Dating: To Hook Up or Couple Up?

New York City Mandates Comprehensive Sex Education

Number of Nebraska same-sex couples increases since 2000

'Sexting' never safe

News for the Young: How Sex Can Get Better with Age

Sex Education

Should Michigan high school students learn how to use condoms?

School-Mandated Sex-Ed: It’s About Time!

Is new sex-ed text too graphic?

The sex ed hall of shame

Turks lack sex education, UNAIDS official warns

Educators: Parent Involvement Vital in Kids’ Sexuality Education


Condom Activists Push Debate At Catholic World Youth Day

The World’s First Condom Action Film

Female condoms slowly gaining popularity - report

Should You Give Condoms to Your Teen?

Love Puts Workouts on Fast Track, Study Finds

Everything Wrong With Our Country’s Sex Ed Debate, in One Infuriating Video

82% of Women Don’t Carry Condoms, Survey Finds

'Consent, Crouch, Touch, Condom, Engage'

Safe Sex and Condom Use Linked With Teen Masturbation

Believe it or not ONE Condom buffs, in a recent study, teen masturbation seems to have a direct impact on engaging in safe sex practices. The Journal of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, when studying 820 teens from the ages of 14 to 17 found that 75% of teenage boys have masturbated at least once in their lifetime opposed to 48% of females. Older participants are reported masturbating more than younger (53% of 14 year-olds compared with 69% of 17 year-olds).

The most shocking fact out of this study is that 86% of boys who said they masturbated in the past year had also used a condom the last time they had sex. Whereas only 44% of those who didn’t masturbate said they used a condom. This shows a strong correlation of those who masturbate and their likeliness of engaging in safe sex practices.

This doesn’t mean that masturbation automatically determines safe sex practices however. Despite the sample size being small, a link between the two behaviors has come to light and cannot be ignored.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, masturbation among children and teens is a normal part of growing up and learning about one’s body. More focus groups and research are currently in effect to determine more data on masturbation’s effect on safe sex practices.

What do you think? Is masturbation a healthy sex practice and do you find it associated with sexual self-awareness and overall safe sexual behavior? Tell us what you think. ONE is extremely interested in hearing from you on this topic so don’t shy away from your opinions!

Friday Links Roundup - safe sex, condoms & sex education

Happy Friday ONE condom enthusiasts! Friday is our weekly Links Roundup, covering a list of current events regarding safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms in the news. Our goal is to keep you up to date on anything sex related this past week.

Here are some up to the minute stories to help keep you protected for the week of August 1st and into the weekend. Stay tuned in every friday for more of the latest in condom news with ONE condoms.

Safe Sex

Teen Masturbation Linked With Safe Sex

HIV Drugs Paired With Safe Sex May Be Effective To Prevent New Infections

AIDES and the JWT agency Safe Sex Ad

Support mushrooms for schoolgirl gay rights group

Is Sexting a Dangerous Game?


iCondom app - your condom dispenser locator!

South Africa: Circumcision Proves Yet Again That It Can Reduce HIV

Throw Condoms in Your Compost Pile

Sex Education

Korea Strengthens Sex Education for Children

Co-ed classes benefit from social learning

Dutch lessons ‘could drive down teenage pregnancy rate

No sex education please, we’re Chinese

Friday Links Roundup - safe sex, relationship advice & condoms

Today is ONE Condoms’ first posting of a weekly links roundup.  Every friday, from here on out, we here at ONE will be delivering you a list of current stories regarding safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms in the news.  We want to keep you updated on any topics that came to light in the past week. 

 So, without further adieu,  here are some up to date news topics for the week of July 11th.

Safe Sex:

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Told To Practice Safe Sex

Safe Sex Flash Mob

Sex Education for Children and Married Couples

Romantic Fiction not promoting Safe Sex Practices

Barry Sanders and A.C. Green Safe Sex Video Starts Your Weekend

Rip and Roll campaign draws most complaints

Parents Who Permit Their Kids to Have Sex at Home

Sex Education:

Poverty, Not Sexuality, Drives HIV/AIDS Epidemic South

Teen pregnancy is a problem for Latinos on the Southside of San Antonio, TX

Are Toddlers Too Young For Sex Education?

Better sex ed in Swedish schools 

Campaign launched for shy condom buyers 


Why would at-risk teens need to know about condoms?

As if You Need Another Reason to Wear a Condom! 

NGO wants condom use promoted in basic schools

Poll: Porn Producers Will Leave California If State Enforces Condoms 

Gone Viral - paper condoms on birthday cakes


ONE keeps you updated with the most recent sexual health news in the world every Friday from here on out. Be sure to tune in and protect your sexual safety with ONE.