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Friday 8/19/11 Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education


Good Afternoon condom connoisseurs. Today is Friday and that means it’s time for your weekly links roundup from ONE Condoms. ONE is here to keep you in the know with  with anything related to sex education, condom use, and safe sex. The following links are the most recent events in the news regarding these topics. Be sure to be safe this weekend and don’t forget to keep yourself protected by using ONE.

Safe Sex

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Sex Education

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'Consent, Crouch, Touch, Condom, Engage'

Friday 8/12/11 Links Roundup - safe sex, condoms & sex education
Condom Kurtas to Create Awareness

A New Delhi-based designer M.A Rahman, has made a kurta out of condoms to raise AIDS awareness. A kurta, for those who didn’t know (we sure didn’t!) is a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees, worn by both men and women typically in India.

Rahman has sent his design to the the UN secretary general, whom absolutely loved itand wanted to see more innovative concepts. Rahman created the kurta with emergency condoms in the collar and other condoms stitched to the rest of the fabric. According to him the act, which was a reminder for people to carry out safe sex, received accolades from all quarters of the world.

Rahman is now planning to organise a fashion show with the same theme on World Aids Day in Delhi this year. There will be a plethora of condom dresses to promote Safe Sex.

Would you wear a dress or any sort of clothing made out of condoms to help promote safe sex around the world or do you think it’s too taboo for the public arena. 

At ONE, we completely commend his efforts to help eradicate the AIDS pandemic by innovatively using condoms to spread the message of safe sex practices.

Similarly to his designs, we here at ONE have been sponsoring many Project Condom fashion shows throughout the country by providing materials for the clothing. Project Condom is an annual fashion show to raise awareness of sexual health through making garments completely out of condoms. Take a look for Project Condom here to see some more condom clothing.