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Weekly Links Roundup 3/2/12 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education

It’s Friday again ONE Condoms supporters and when Friday rolls around it’s time for ONE’s weekly links roundup! Below you’ll find news stories from the last week regarding condoms, safe sex, and sex education. Be sure to check out the developments in mandatory condom use for porn actors, QR Condoms, and the “Study Sex College Tour,” all of which have been rocking the sexual health world this past week.

If you’d like to share any additional stories we may have missed please leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear what else is going on in spreading safe sex awareness.


Condoms In Porn Petition: Los Angeles County Measure Could Make It To November

Condom users make big mistakes that can lead to pregnancy, STDs

Women’s Condom Use Drops During 1st Year of College

QR Codes on Condoms: ‘Check-Ins’ Let You Share Your Safe Sex

Money Seems to Matter for Teen Girls, Condoms

China enforces new condom rule

Safe Sex

Zac Efron Earns a Boy Scout Safe Sex Badge

Program Increases Safe Sex Practices in Latina Women

Condom use 101: Basic errors are so common, study finds

Sex Education

Sex education should be a joint responsibility of parents, teachers

'Study Sex College Tour' makes Sex Ed cool, prioritizes pleasure

Utah Will Be Damned if Sex Ed Classes Teach About Anything Sex-y

Seniors and sex: Education important at any age

Condom Campaign Encourages Users to Share Where They Did It

In today’s digital age, you’re likely to share a lot about your personal life online already. Now, you can also “check in” when you have sex!

The Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGNW) established a program that allows you to share with the world when and while you’re practicing safe sex. The PPGNW, in observation of National Condom Week, distributed 55,000 condoms with QR codes on them. QR are scannable barcodes that take you to the (WDYWI), where you can report your protected sex sessions’ location. 

PPGNW says “it’s like Foursquare for people who don’t want a sexually transmitted infection.” The Where Did You Wear IT site has an interactive map that pinpoints your exact location of where you did it. It does not share any of your personal information either. The website is searchable by gender, orientation, age, location, relationship status, the reason for using condoms, and the quality of the sex.

The campaign has taken off. People from 48 states and 6 continents have reported where they did it. You don’t have to have a QR condom to participate. You can check in directly without a QR specific condom too.

The goal of Where Did You Wear It is clear. It is to promote safe sex and to universalize condom use into common and preferred behavior. According to PPGNW’s media coordinator, “we hope the site promotes discussions within relationships about condoms and helps to remove perceived stigmas that some people may have about condom use.”

Data also suggests that many people do n’t know how to use a condom correcty A Sexual Health journal study released last month found many user errors. The PPGNW campaign looks to spread more information to its user to encourage safe sex behviors. PPGNW is targeting college aged students and millennials who are comfortable with social media and who are proud to share they wore protection.

ONE Condoms supports initiatives that spread safe sex messages and encourage people to make healthy and safe choices when it comes to their sexual health. ONE Condoms want to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and safer sex as second nature as wearing a seat belt. A portion of every ONE Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Are you willing to share where you practiced safe sex with the world and spread the safe sex message?

Condoms : How to Avoid Common User Errors


Condoms are 99% effective at preventing pregnancies and STI’s. This is of course, only if you use them properly. 

50 studies recently gathered 14 countries during the years between 1995 and 2011 have been analyzed by the Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team (KICURT). These studies highlight a number of user inflicted condom errors. Some of the mistakes include using a sharp object to open the packet, putting a condom on too late or by taking it off too early.

These studies found that between 17 and 51.1 % of people put a condom on after sex has already begun and between 13.6 and 44.7 % percent said that they take it off too early. Even at the lowest outliers, 13 % of people is still too many in ONE’s mind. These studies also found that up to 45.7 percent of men surveyed did not leave space at the tip of the condom for semen.

Studies regarding condom efficacy are commonplace however much attention has not been given to how consistently and properly condoms are used by their user. ONE Condoms wants all of our users to safely and properly know how to use a condom. Included in every ONE Condoms packet are detailed instructions on how to properly use a condom. Here’s how to use condoms correctly.

First, handle with care. You should always remember to store condoms in a cool, dry place. Condoms don’t like extreme temperatures. Also, do not use if expired. Tear open the package carefully. Do not use your fingernails, teeth or anything that could damage the condom. Make sure to push the condom away from the foil notch when you are going to tear. Once out of the package, roll the condom on with your fingers before any sexual contact. Remember to pinch the receptacle tip of the condom between your thumb and forefinger. This prevents air from becoming trapped at the tip of the condom and allows space for semen. Use the condom during the entirety of your sex session. Using lubricant will reduce the risk of your condom breaking also. Once finished, hold the base of the condom after withdrawal. 

Remember condoms are only effective if used properly. ONE Condoms keeps you protected and informed from harmful and unwanted diseases. Many infections could be avoided by improved user effectiveness. A portion of every ONE Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Stay safe and use ONE everytime.

Friday Links Roundup 2/23/12 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education
Controversial Condom Campaign to Deliver Free Condoms to Teens

A new federally funded program is delivering free condoms to teenagers in many California counties. The orders are taken online and delivered straight to the teens’ homes in a nondescript envelope.

This free mail-order condom program is supported by the California Department of Public Health and was launched by the non-profit California Family Health Council (CFHC). The initiative, available through, provides 12-19 year olds a place to order free condoms online and find locations where they can pick up free condoms from sexual health clinics across the state.

This program is targeting California counties where the number of STD cases are on the rise. Any teen in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Alameda, and Kern counties can receive free condoms through the program.

According to CFHC’s vice president of public affairs, Amy Moy, “We can’t keep our heads in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem. Research shows barriers such as embarrassment or concerns around confidentiality or affordability,” limit teens from buying condoms.

Some parents aren’t thrilled with the plan however which sends a package of condoms, lubricant and an educational pamphlet to teens. Some parents argue it encourages the 12-19 year old demographic to engage in intercourse. Repeated studies have shown just by providing teenagers with access to birth control and sex education does not encourage this behavior.

Since its launch on February 14th, over 550 order have been placed online. 

ONE® Condoms is a supporter of comprehensive sex education and positive sex behaviors. ONE® Condoms aims for universal condom use and safe sex practices. A portion of every ONE® Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Do you think that it’s a good idea to provide free mail-order condoms to teenagers? 

Weekly Links Roundup 2/16/12 - Condoms, Safe Sex, Sex Education


It’s Friday and that means it’s time for our ONE® Condoms weekly links roundup. ONE® is here to keep you in the know and up to date with all news relating to condoms, safe sex, and sex education. 

During this #nationalcondomweek, how will you be spreading the safe sex message? Will you be sharing where you wore it during your last sexual experience?

Please submit additional links we might have missed regarding sex and relationships.


AIDS activists launch million-condom tour in Venice Beach

NYC’s ‘Condom Finder’ App’s Valentine’s Upgrade

Are Condoms Restricting the Flow of the Adult Film Industry in Los Angeles?

Condoms trend on Valentine’s Day

Free condom program in Keys promotes safe sex

California initiative offers free condoms to reduce transmission of STDs

National Condom Week aims to educate

National Condom Week: ‘Where did you wear it?’

'International Condom Day' 2012

Catholics, Condoms and the Separation of Church and State

Safe Sex

Group opens dialogue to recognize safe sex methods

New safe sex campaign aims to lower Nunavik’s “alarming” STI rates

National Condom Day encourages safe sex

Thai NGO advocates safe sex in Bangkok red-light districts

Truckers are savvy about safe sex

Irish students fail to grasp safe sex message according to new SHAG week survey

'Tekkin Charge' on Valentine's Day

Sex Education

Does sex ed keep girls from becoming teen moms?

Sex education: far from decent

Let Utah voters, not lawmakers, decide on sex education for their kids

City sex education text targets families

Teachers urged to address porn factor

Let’s talk about sex

Condom Designs by Keith Herring in Garage Magazine


A recent issue in Garage Magazine, an art and culture publication, is devoted to the theme of sex and relationships. Among the topics of the legalization of gay marriage, the development of fertilization treatments, and internet dating, is a section of artist designed condoms. 

The featured artists behind the condom illustrations are none other than Keith Herring, Mat Collishaw, Tim Noble, and Sue Webster. We are particularly intrigued by Keith Herring’s as he never ceases to fail in creating relatable and interesting graphics. The condoms are available in every copy of the magazine.

ONE® Condoms supports all forms of self-expression, particularly that which spreads messages of safe sex and universal condom use. ONE® Condoms feature more than 200 different designs, with many created by customers like you. Every year we’re looking for new designs for our next series of condoms. We want your help in creating the next generation of ONE® Condoms through our foil wrapper competition.

You can submit your own ONE® Condoms designs through our design contest here. So express yourself. Push the envelope and show us what you’ve got!

Happy National Condom Day and Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and more importantly happy National Condom Day! National Condom Day comes at an ideal time to encourage condom use when love and passion is in the air. National Condom Day serves to remind people of the risks associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancies and to take necessary precautions by practicing safe sex. By taking responsibility of your sexual health and using a condom every time during sex, you will keep yourself protected from unwanted and harmful diseases.

National Condom Day and National Condom Week aim to make the conversation of condom use more comfortable for people to talk about and address the misinformation associated with condom use. ONE Condoms aims to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and safer sex as second nature as wearing a seatbelt.

A Planned Parenthood in the Northwest has just launch a new website called “" for Condom Week. This site offers condom users a chance to share their location of the most recent sexual encounters, the reason they used condoms, and how good the sex was. The location is not saved or shared with anyone publicly. 

And there’s a lot of sharing to be done on this National Condom Day. It is reported that approximately 87 condoms are used every second in America on Valentine’s Day.

ONE Condoms aims for the universal practice of condom use and for everyone to engage in safe sex behaviors. A portion of every ONE Condoms sales goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Would you share your secret location and tell the site why you used a condom? Also, how do you plan on staying safe this national condom day / valentine’s day?


Weekly Links Roundup 1/13/12 - Safe Sex, Condoms, Sex Education


It’s Friday everyone! That means it’s time for our weekly links roundup regarding everything related to safe sex, condoms, and sex education. ONE® Condoms is here to keep you in the know with recent news developments regarding the importance of sexual health and sex positive behaviors. 

Safe Sex

Safe Sex Web Series Too Racy?

Teens reject ‘safe sex’ education

New York’s new safe-sex campaign: ‘Too raw’?

Budget Cuts Could Hurt Sex Assault Task Force

Dealing with child-on-child sex abuse not one size fits all

Sex slavery: A growing problem in Missouri

Love and Sex Over 50: What Women Need To Know

Sex Education Standards Encourage Teaching ‘Safe Sex,’ Sexual Identity

Young females are vulnerable to risky multiple-person sex

HPV vaccine lulling girls into a false sense of security:


Condoms become mandatory in Los Angeles

Condom Use Low Among Indian Youth

Why Miranda Hart’s condoms sent the BBC into a panic

BBC slammed over ‘freak’ sex show that follows teenager having bikini wax

Worst Product Launches Ever: What Can You Learn From Them?

Condom Initiative by Anti-AIDS Group Threatens Porn Industry

Sex Education

The New York Times Celebrates Explicit Sex Ed for Teenagers

Why do Republican Candidates Want to Take Away Your Condoms and Pills?

New sex education standards released

BBC’s sex film for kids ‘is like porn’

Single-Sex Schools for Our Girls … Only?

Some of the recommendations about sex education

What Should Second Graders Know About Sex?

Weekly Links Roundup 1/6/12 - Safe Sex, Condoms, Sex Education


Friday, Friday! Hello ONE® Condoms Followers. This is our first weekly links roundup of the new year and with it comes great articles in the news this first week of 2012. Be sure to check out the new advances in sex education via text, the importance of practicing safe sex despite HPV vaccinations, and the porn industry’s mandated condom ballot measures. ONE® Condoms is here to keep you in the know with everything related to your sexual health.


Is There an Illegal Monopoly in the US Condom Market

Surging Republican Santorum thinks condoms should be outlawed?

AHF Now Plans Countywide Porn-Condom Ballot Measure

Once Upon a Time, We Used Radium Condoms For Glow in the Dark Sex

AIDS: Dec. 1, 2031: AIDS at 50

Art too hot for council display

Putin sends somewhat sarcastic New Year’s greetings to Russians

O’Donnell on Why Republicans Should Oppose Condom Regs

Safe Sex

Many Teen Girls Mistakenly Think HPV Vaccines Cut Risk for All STDs

Under the Lab Coat: The Top Sex Stories of 2011

Safe sex web series launches using city teens speaking in slang

Call safe-sex hotline, save endangered species

Sexual Assault: Can You Ever Move On?

Study connects alcohol and sex

Sex Is Riskier At a Surprising Time of the Month

Sex Education

Sex Education Gets Directly to Youths, via Text

Needham Schools’ New Sex Ed Program Reviewed

Young People and Comprehensive Sex Education: Moving Beyond Scare Tactics

Buttoned-up Britain needs to talk about sex education

Comprehensive sexuality education plays a role in successful adult life

Denver Planned Parenthood affiliate offers sex-ed texting

Websites and Texting Services Offer Teenagers Sex Education