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HIV Epidemic Interactive Map


At ONE, we have recently stumbled across a high-resolution geographical view of the HIV epidemic in the United States. This interactive map allows users to visually explore and understand the HIV epidemic together with resources like HIV testing centers and HIV Prevention & Vaccine Sites.

The map draws its data from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s HIV surveillance database which reports on a sate and local level. The data can be filtered and broken down by a state or county level, rate or # of cases, ethnicity, sex group, age group or zip code. This data representation also allows for users to check where HIV testing sites & HIV Prevention Sites are located. The % of population living below the federal poverty line can be activated to illustrate the comparison of HIV rates to low income level individuals.

The map is a fantastic tool for better understanding how HIV impacts each community in the U.S. AIDSVu reflects how the HIV epidemic affects communities differently and that the severity of the disease differs across state and county lines. One great resource AIDSVu provides is the ability to find HIV testing locations in an area that is close to you: It is essential to know the status of your sexual health and to know where you can get tested.

Explore the map to see how the HIV epidemic is affecting your state, county, and community and how you can help to stop the epidemic. Remember to always protect yourself with ONE by using condoms to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.