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NYC Sex Education Mandate Taking Effect

Announced in August 2011, New York City has mandated lessons on sexual health and sex education starting today. Public middle schools and high schools are now required to introduce sex education lessons into health classes.

At least one semester of health education is required in 6th or 7th grade and then again in 9th or 10th grade. Previously, the health classes did not include sex education. This has now changed.

What will be taught includes physiology, the understanding of male and female reproductive systems, recognizing healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexuality and sexual identity, handling unwanted sexual advantages, contraception methods, and how to prevent unwanted STD’s.

The NYC Department of education has implemented a “research-based sex risk reduction curriculum” called “Reducing the Risk”. Research has shown that this helps to increase the use of contraception among teens and increase parent-child communication about contraception. It emphasizes that students should use protection consistently and correctly when they become sexually active.

Students learn to avoid high risk situations and recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships by role-playing situations on resisting pressure to have sex. This has proven to have direct results of safe sex behavior.

The sex education mandate takes effect today in NYC high schools and middle schools.

ONE® Condoms supports sex positive decision making and increased condom use to eliminate the spread of diseases. A portion of every ONE® Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

What do you think of NYC’s new mandate on sex education?

Friday Links Roundup 12/2/11 - Safe Sex, Condoms, Sex Education

Happy Friday fellow sexual health advocates! Today ONE brings you a Links Roundup on the most relevant stories surrounding the world of sexual health over the past week. It’s our commitment to keep you in the know and help keep you sexually protected.

ONE donates a portion of each sale to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad. So stay safe through the weekend, and although World AIDS Day has ended, remember the beginning of ending AIDS starts with you!

Safe Sex

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Sex Education


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Testosterone Overloaded ‘Macho’ Men More Likely to Practice Safe Sex


In a recent study conducted at the University of Michigan, testosterone loaded guys aged 18 and 19 were found to have a more accepting attitude towards condoms and safe sex practices than low-testosterone males. High testosterone levels are linked to boldness, confidence, and high risk life choices. These results are the first to demonstrate a link between higher testosterone levels and less risk-taking in any domain to date.

According to researcher Sari van Anders, “safe sex behaviors and people who engage with them can be seen in a negative light. The ‘social risk’ of insisting on using a condom might require more boldness and confidence than having unprotected sex.” The new findings reveal that safe sex could feel like a riskier move than unprotected sex does to men.

The study consisted of 78 men answering questions about their health, sexual activity, and attitudes towards condom use. Each man provided a saliva sample to measure testosterone levels. 

The results revealed that men with higher testosterone levels had more positive attitudes about safe sex than lower-testosterone men. It’s possible that men get an ego boost (and testosterone boost) from safe-sex practices since it signifies them as knowledgeable about sex and bumps up their social status. Although this study was focused just on attitudes, actual behavioral research is in the works to see whether the testosterone-safe sex link holds up behaviorally.

ONE Condoms will be tracking the development of this research as more findings come to light. ONE wants to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and safe sex as second nature as wearing a seatbelt. ONE Condoms donates a portion of each sale to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

So, tell us fellas. Do you think you high T levels make more accepting of safe sex practices?

Friday Links Roundup 11/18/11 - Safe Sex, Sex Education, Condoms

Happy Monday! What better a way to start off the week than being reminded by an animated hot dog that your life is in your hands. Always use condoms.

The whole month of November, LoopDeLoop, a monthly animation challenge, is featuring condoms as its theme in honor of World Aids Day December 1st. Check back periodically for additional animation videos.

ONE Condoms supports self-expression and art to promote safe sex. ONE donates a portion of each sale to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Friday Links Roundup 11/11/11 - Safe Sex, Sex Education, Condoms


Hey ONE Condoms fans. Friday is time for our weekly Links Roundup. At ONE we are committed to bringing you the most up to date information with everything regarding safe sex, sex education, and condoms.

So without further ado, listed are the most recent topics in the world of condoms.

Safe Sex

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Zille targets men who don’t use condoms


AIDS Remains a Concern for African Immigrants in U.S.


Sex Education

The Sex Education of Justin Bieber

Sing-a-long-a sex education

Should legislators meddle in sex education (and other subjects)?

Sex education is the best form of contraception

New methods of sex education may be lowering teen pregnancy rates

Future of sex education being debated after WI Senate bill passes

Can Birth-Control PIlls Kill Your Libido?


New research is pointing to a possible link between contraception use and decreased sex drive. The Indiana University study examined the negative effects of contraception on things like arousal, lubrication, and orgasm. Involved were 1,101 sexually active women split into groups of hormonal contraception use (the pill, patch, ring or shot) and non-hormonal use (condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, or withdrawal). The evidence revealed that women taking hormonal contraception experienced less arousal, fewer orgasms, difficulties with lubrication, decreased sexual pleasure, and less frequent sex compared to women using barrier methods.

A major reason for this low sex drive is due to hormonal levels in each contraceptive method.  When a woman takes “the pill”, the liver starts pumping out sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) which traps most of a woman’s testosterone, leaving low T levels to which directly incite sex drive.

Throughout the menstrual cycle, these hormonal fluctuations can alter the facial appearance of a woman, body odor, and vocal pitch. During ovulation, these physical changes make her more attractive to a man due to the indication of fertility. But since the pill prevents ovulation, women on these hormonal drugs miss out on the peak period where they radiate of sex appeal and make them more attractive towards men.

According to Dr. Goldstein, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at NYU, “What distinguishes one pill from another is the amount of estrogen it contains and the type of progesterone that it’s married to. It’s a matter of finding the combination that works best for you,” in order to minimize decreased sexual pleasure and inability to climax.

Hormonal pills have scientific evidence that the pill reduces the risk of getting ovarian cancer, developing anemia, and reduces symptoms of PMS. However, this very popular method of contraception comes with an endless list of side effects including nausea, breast tenderness, risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, high blood pressure, liver tumors, and gallstones.

So, if the pill is dampening your sex drive, it may be time to end your relationship with oral contraceptives and avoid its complications by switching to condoms. Contraception pills that dull your libido defeat the purpose of taking it in the first place.

ONE Condoms believes in the practice of safe sex and the protection of your overall sexual health.

What are you personal experiences with contraception and its effect on your libido?

7 Billion & Climbing…

Today is a landmark day, the global population is supposed to reach 7 billion people.

That’s right, 7 Billion !

Let’s put that number in perspective; In the 1960’s, the world population was at about 3 billion. Now in 2011, we are at 7 billion. So, in roughly 51 years, population has doubled.

As we reach this monumental mark, we thought it might be a good time to highlight some shocking facts about family planning and contraception.

  • There are more than 200 million women who are sexually active and do not want to become pregnant but modern contraception is not easily available to them.
  • Of the 7 billion people in the world, 175 million were unplanned.
  • 42 million abortions are performed each year, 1/2 of them clandestinely killing 68,000 women.
  • By providing family planning to all women who want it, a reduction of 8-15% reduction of carbon emissions could be obtained. This reduction is equivalent to increasing the world’s use of wind power 40-fold.

Shocking, right? Who knew that something as simple as sex education, family planning and contraception could change the world so drastically?

If you want to know what number you are in the 7 billion or just want to learn more about what reaching 7 billion means for the world, check out these links:

ONE condoms is proud to offer high quality and affordable condoms and educational outreach information to consumers and health organizations. ONE condoms, also, donates a portion of each sale to HIV prevention and education efforts at home and abroad.

Friday Links Roundup 10/28/11 - Safe Sex, Sex Education, Condoms


A most glorious Friday to all of our ONE Condoms followers. Today ONE brings you a Links Roundup on the most relevant stories surrounding the world of sexual health over the past week. It’s our commitment to keep you in the know and help keep you sexually protected. Stay tuned in every friday for more of the latest in sexual health news with ONE condoms.

Safe Sex

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Prisoners given 1.3 million condoms last year

Sex Education

Public School Sex Ed Class Could Inform On Oral Sex And Bestiality

Some upset at New York sex education

Vet sex education books says MP

'Go Ask Alice' sex-ed site deemed too 'graphic' by politicians

Of Meat, Sex Education, and Conservative Ideologies

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Sex-ed initiative at heart of house bill battle