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Sex Education views from Americans,Canadiens and the British.

A new survey of 4,014 citizens from the US, the UK, and Canada has revealed that there are varying attitudes and opinions on what topics should be addressed when discussing sexual education. 

All three countries believe that parents or guardians should be primarily responsible for teaching sex education to children and teens at some level. 

However, you start to see differences of opinion when you start talking about when to begin sex education. 24% of Canadians wish to start sex ed courses at age 9 or earlier, compared with 13% of Americans and 17% of British who feel this way. Nearly 33% of residents in each country believe the best time to start sex education is between 12 and 13 years old.

As for sex education in schools, 10% of Americans, 3% of Canadians & 2% of British are against courses in schools. All three countries believe Sex Education is necessary, but what should it teach is not agreed upon. 

90% of people in the three countries believe topics like pregnancy, birth control, venereal diseases, sexual abuse, and bullying should be discussed. Check out the chart below for additional sex education topics.


We see more differences when respondents look back on their sexual education and what influenced them. 


All three countries agreed that conversations with friends were useful & that the media, & sex education courses influenced them.

Overall, Americans believe the main source for sex education should come from the family. The British appear to be dissatisfied with sex education courses with only 43% of them calling it “useful”. Canadians,on the other hand, are the most open to discussing pleasure and homosexuality, and want to see sex education courses start at an earlier age.

ONE Condoms believes quality sex education is integral to creating a healthy society. In fact,ONE donates a portion of each sale to HIV/AIDS education and prevention efforts in the US and Internationally.

What do you think is the best way to teach sex education? Is it through friends, sex ed courses, the media, online or your family?

Condom Art at Centre Pompidou in Paris

From November 22 to December 5, 2011, installation artist Bryan McCormack will highlight a hall of condoms on 6 floors of the National Modern Art Museum of France (Centre Pompidou). The artist has chosen to multiply the condom and take it out of its normal context as to create a motif of protection seen in a new light.

"Condoms evoke imagery not only of protection from STI’s but also symbolize the male gender, sexuality, eroticism, religion, customs and values. Thru art, I’d like to eliminate all associations around it and consider the condom as an object beyond its functionality", says McCormack.

As you walk through the hall and to the middle of the installation, you are spun into a mix of your own associations with condoms coupled with consistent condom repetition designed to liberate your perceptions. The installation is paired with environmental sound and music.

ONE Condoms supports self-expression and art especially in the pursuit of research against AIDS. ONE donates a portion of each sale to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Do you think that the exhibit will spark a discussion to combat religious negativity surrounding condom use?

Condom Ads of the World

Check out these ads from Germany. Their message was “use a condom, and be sure you’re not bringing the next Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler or Mao Zedong into the world.” Although the hairdo’s are enough to scare the living daylights out of you, we got a kick out of them. ONE Condoms believes in desired pregnancies, safe sex and the prevention of terrorism, of course. 


ONE Condoms believes in a future where practicing safe sex is considered universal behavior and as normal as using toothpaste. ONE Condoms donates a portion of every sale to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

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Friday Links Roundup - safe sex, condoms & sex education

Happy Friday ONE condom enthusiasts! Friday is our weekly Links Roundup, covering a list of current events regarding safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms in the news. Our goal is to keep you up to date on anything sex related this past week.

Here are some up to the minute stories to help keep you protected for the week of August 1st and into the weekend. Stay tuned in every friday for more of the latest in condom news with ONE condoms.

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